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How to play RPG Battle

1) Choose your times table.

2) Choose your characters.

3) Draw all six cards, 3 for each player.

4) Player 1 play an attack card.

5) Player 2 work out what to times the times table being learnt by to make the number on the attack card.

6) Player 2 click on the 3 dice to roll them.

7) If you get the number that you need on one of the dice, you block the attack. Put the attack card in the discard pile.

8) If you don't roll the number, you lose the health shown by the hearts on the attack card. 

9) Player 2 now do step 4.

10) Player 1 now do steps 5 to 8.

11) Make sure that you always have three cards on show.

12) You can play a defend card at anytime in the game. Just follow the instructions on the card.

13) The winner reduces their opponents hearts to 0.